Career Branding Begins with


  • One on One Personal & Career Counseling
  • In-Depth Review of your unique expertise
  • In-Depth Review of your Past Accomplishments
  • Job Interview Coaching – Mock Interviews
  • Concise Results Based Resume
  • Category Insight and a Career Brand Tagline

When to consider a Career Branding? If the following applies to you, its time….

     The recession has impacted all of us especially in the work place. Everyone has either survived a lay off, been a victim of one, or has been asked to do more with less. At Gale Executive Recruiting, we have been inundated with inquiries seeking advice on how best to succeed in this environment. Bottom line: you must stand out to your current and future employer. No longer is there time to “learn the ropes” or “get up to speed”. New hires must hit the ground running and bring immediate value to the business.
To stand out in the workplace, you must position yourself and your career accomplishments in a clear and concise way…just as we do everyday when building our clients’ brands. During tough times, what brands do you trust? Do you buy based on potential or on proven results? This is where Gale Executive Recruiting comes in. Our career branding process will help you understand your personal brand’s perceptions, barriers, accomplishments, and potential. These efforts will result in your personal brand SWOT, a unique and compelling positioning, a more effective resume and a brand tagline that you can use to quickly summarize your brand to your current and future employers.
Gale Executive Recruiting has been creating personal brands for over 6 years and we have helped thousands of advertising and marketing professionals. We are now offering this personal consultancy to you. This one-on-one process is highly introspective and requires an investment of time and effort on both our parts. While you make the financial investment upfront, understand that all costs to you are fully reimbursed when placed in a job by Gale Executive Recruiting. Is the investment worth it? As a result of this process, over half of all past participants utilized these tools to successfully gain employment directly with the employer or through another recruiter. Anyone who has gone through our process has left the experience with the highest praise and gratitude.

Our Career Coaching and Career Branding Process Includes:

•Minimum of 12 Hours of One on One Personal & Career Counseling
•An In-Depth Review of Past Accomplishments, Barriers to Hire, Personal and Professional Goals, and Your Unique Expertise
•Category Insight, a Career Brand Tagline, and a Concise Results Based Resume
•A “Buddy or Peer” Network in Which to Mentor or be Mentored
•Job Interview Coaching – Mock Interviews
•Salary Negotiation Coaching


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