Why gale executive recruiting? All firms are alike.

At gale executive recruiting, we owe our success to the top talent that has endorsed us and referred their peers and colleagues to us. Like wise, we owe our success to the top tier clients that we serve and who recognize the unique challenges and high level of service it takes to build those long term trusting relationships among our prospects, candidates and clients.

What is the difference between a prospect and a candidate?

The service we provide does not begin and end with a job placement, if so we would be like all other firms. At gale executive recruiting we council, coach and mentor those we feel we can assist in their career development. They have been referred to us by an affiliate of the firm who sees their potential and self motivation to be a top talent in advertising or marketing. That is our specialty and our respected role in the industry. Prospects and clients come to us for help, recognizing the value of our mutual affiliation with a partner to advise and council them, and the support of a skilled staff that they can rely and lean on. From the start, prospective candidates are told and always know they are free to disagree, debate, participate or leave our firm. But first, they must willingly participate, with full disclosure, a comprehensive review of their work history, professional accomplishments and weaknesses and most importantly, their vision of success. How else can any firm say they know you and endorse your performance? Let alone provide you with proper council and opportunity. This is the only way I can allow our firm to endorse a candidate to our valued clients and fellow affiliates…

It sounds too good so what’s the catch?

A prospect cannot buy or use the firm’s endorsement if they in fact have not participated in the disclosure and discovery process. This is true of all highly respected firms that represent a candidate to employers. From the start, both parties must engage in an honest and open dialog. The wrong placement hurts all reputations involved. If you don’t have a trusting relationship, then this cannot be a helpful endeavor as we do not have the privilege of having known you as a father does with his son. But like father to son, we can only serve when asked to be of service. Those who want us to give them the answers and do their work for them; leave empty handed. Success is measured by what you can do yourself, as this is real life, not a play. The answer is not to rehearse your lines and perform to expectations, it is to objectively participate, evaluate, learn and form judgments to the best of your own ability. Every day is a new challenge and lesson to be learned, you must have this ability yourself…


Our name is only as good as those talented individuals, referral network and companies we are privileged to represent. We will always honor that gift.


What screening process do you go through?

A candidate is free at any time to work with other firms; hence the risk is ours, and the benefit all to the candidate. As a result, the firm requires a serious commitment of loyalty from candidates and in turn delivers significant personal council and mentor ship. This is an exciting and demanding partnership for candidates and the firm. It is introspective in approach and strategic in communicating skill sets. Career oriented talent has made significant progress in working with us, while those just seeking the next job right now, have not. We are upfront and clear on what we do and require. Most importantly, a reference from a current candidate or client of the firm is necessary to receive this level of service. This is done for one reason only; we rely on our personal contacts or recommended talent from well known associates to build our talent pool. One loose link can cause harm to all. So, in turn we are very careful to assure prospects have represented themselves appropriately. We conduct background checks and needs assessment reviews with unreferenced candidates to better understand potential and opportunity. If they are not interested in participating to that degree, a prospect is free to find other assistance.

What is the process for becoming a candidate of the firm?

The traditional search and sort, screen to qualify goes one significant step further. Throughout the process an emphasis is placed on evaluation of candidates skill set and psycho graphic needs to determine both candidate and employer are the best fit. At any given time the needs of a candidate or an employer can change dramatically. Finding the right corporate culture and client management style can highly skew what suitability among candidates is most important. There is no other way we know to increase the odds of a great match.


I’m underutilized /bored /sidestepped /angry /unappreciated /overworked ……find me a better job!
Many of our most talented prospects come to us with a desire to improve by moving on to a more challenging opportunity. Rather than respond to that directive, we first take a step back with the prospect and understand the current situation. Why did they take the job in the first place? What did they learn there? What change occurred along the way (their own or the companies) to make a new employment challenge necessary? Often, a candidate will discover that they are best suited for where they are currently at, and are coached by entering in to a mentoring conversation with their superiors and human resources department, reporting back to our firm along they way. This 3rd party perspective can land a compassionate ear or a stern agreement to the issue at hand.

The Discovery Process

If it is necessary to move on, then the time comes to understand a prospects career history, strengths and weaknesses and the motivation behind the immediate move and their ultimate ambition. Further partnership is gained with personal and environmental motivations as well as mentoring vs. competitive cultures. A prospect goes through a candidate screen upfront in order to be considered for future opportunities. With each prospect who expresses the ambition for greater career advancement, we build a vision of planned career growth. Once completed, the confidence and strength of resources each delivers is clear and the investment can be fruitful for both parties as well as the hiring client. The same is true of career coaching and counseling. We don’t read out loud, we apply thinking, concepts and philosophies that are either accepted or not. This is not a jail camp or prison. Come or go, but the choice is mutual. Our methods are simple. We either know you professionally, or through a professional that has already worked with us and has endorsed you. Every prospect goes through an evaluative process and background check. Many seek council for future direction which requires a partnership in discovery. For in all of us is a passion and a purpose waiting to be found. Our motivations and esteem can get in the way of our true skills, and happiness. We have many tools we like to use in full disclosure with prospects to help them see for them selves what barriers or over-inflated egos might be in the way.


No one has ever worked with this firm, gone through our process and left the experience with anything but the highest praise and gratitude. The ones who leave are those who feel they have the answers already. Then of course they don’t need our assistance and hopefully are happy to be where they are. When you’re self taught, you always get a passing grade. Often you have no idea what lesson you learned until it is to late. So, the choice is yours. Walk on as you have, or rest, reflect and resolve. As only then can you see yourself and where you truly are at. No one is ever bad or good, right or wrong, they just are where they are. It’s what they do about the situation that matters if they can trust, cooperate and renew having been guided, carried or coached it does not matter as long as it was their heart and mind that got them there. You have to take your self for what you are, love what you do well, know you want more and then direct yourself to environments that feed the part of your soul that is empty

What makes gale executive recruiting so well regarded?

The industry comes to us for one reason; YOU. While the gale name and those who work here serve as part of your endorsement, we all have a stake in your success. I do offer only what I do best, and the success, bumps, good fortune and bad fate that forethought or hindsight of my experience can provide. Mechanics fix cars, teachers teach, and surgeons operate. You don’t go to one to ask advice about the other. That’s all we do, advise talent; it is their life and their career and without exception, they can always use their free will to accept or reject it. This is a career coaching and recruitment firm, nothing more. The tools we use are public documents, available to all. As a blue print to an architect is a wealth of information, to you or me perhaps it says nothing. The same is true in career coaching, read all you like, but in the end it is a one way dialog, you are letting in only what you care to comprehend. Sometimes, we do this out of fear or protection from failure and the uncaring criticism we have had enough fallout lives. Coaching recognizes where we all are, we are asking a figurehead for help to see over the tree simply because as a child, we were not able to comprehend how to do ourselves. The panic any lost little child feels who is scared of the night is just as real as the fear of walking up to the same job tomorrow.


My name is on every endorsement, referral, reference check and placement made. My clients trust this firm unconditionally because they trust my evaluation and judgment of our candidate clients. Think CAA and what they have done going from SAG to the NFL and NBA. They risk the upfront time money and talent to prepare athletes for a long or short term ride. They protect them from harm,  guide them through deep waters and ensure they receive the respect and top dollar they deserve. There is no ‘take it or leave it’ from a candidate. We are the only executive career coaching and advancement firm we know of that specializes in representing today’s top talent in marketing and advertising. This is a very high quality, extreme service relationship.
The firm commits to its investment upfront with our candidates to build a vision of planned career growth. Once completed, the confidence and strength of resources each delivers is clear and the investment can be fruitful for both parties as well as the hiring client. In spending your time with us our goal is to deliver for you and your family an enhanced quality of lifeThat is what we do.

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